Getting Started with Certify Expense

Is it your first time using Certify or maybe you need a refresher? This article will lead you through Certify's best practices for creating and submitting expense reports.

Add Receipts Using the Certify Mobile App

1. Download the Certify Mobile app on your iPhone, Android or Windows mobile device.

2. Login to the app with your Certify username and password.

3. Tap the yellow Add Receipt button and take a photo of your receipt.

4. Tap the Autofill button, and then enter the remaining expense details. Tap Save.

5. Tap the Sync button in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage. Receipts will now be available in your Certify Wallet.  


For a more in-depth guide on using the Certify Mobile app, please see our article Adding Receipts Using Certify Mobile  

Create Your Expense Report

1. In your Certify account on the web, view your Receipts and Expenses in your Certify Wallet.

If you are logging into Certify for the first time, please see Logging into Certify for the First Time and New User Setup Wizard.

2. On the Certify homepage, click the New Expense Report button. 

3. Select the option to Add all items to a new expense report. 

4. Enter an expense report name and date range. Click Next

5. On the next page, click Finish to see your new draft expense report. Certify will automatically merge receipts and credit card expenses with the same date and amount. 

For a more in-depth guide on creating your expense report, please see our article Creating a New Expense Report

Edit Your Expense Report

1.Use the Link Receipts Wizard to attach receipts in your Certify Wallet to expense lines. 

2. Use the Clean Up Wizard to edit receipts that need attention, indicated by the red triangle in the Expense column. 

3. Edit individual expense lines by clicking the pencil icon. 

4. Add mileage expenses in the Add Expense box. 

5. Use the Other Actions menu to split expenses (itemize). 

Submit for Approval 

1. Verify that everything on your expense report is accurate.

2. Click Submit for Approval.

3. Enter optional comments for your Approver, click the checkbox next to I certify this expense report is true and accurate, and click Submit


4. Review your expense report status in the Pending Approval folder.


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