Adding Receipts using Certify Mobile

You can use the Certify Mobile app to easily upload receipts to your My Certify Wallet from your mobile device. The Certify Mobile app works with Android and iPhone.

This article shows you how to add receipts in the Certify Mobile app and sync them to your My Certify Wallet.

1. Open the Certify Mobile app on your mobile device. Log in with your Certify Username and Password. Your username and password for Certify Mobile are the same as your login credentials you use to log into


2. On your Certify Mobile homescreen, tap Add Receipt.


3. Select a photo resolution to open the camera screen on your mobile device. Photo resolution options include:

  • High / Medium – Recommended
  • Low – Use only if your device is short on storage
  • GalleryUse to add a receipt image from your mobile device’s photo gallery
To add multiple receipts at a time to your Certify Wallet, use the Upload or Email options available in your online Certify account at


4. The camera screen opens. Hold your camera 6 to 12 inches away and focus the camera screen on your receipt. Make sure the receipt fills the screen. Once the receipt looks clear and centered, tap the Photo button to capture the receipt image.


5. On the next screen, tap Use Photo to save the receipt image.


The average Certify Mobile image size per photo resolution is:
  • High Resolution:               200 – 325 Kilobytes (KB)
  • Medium Resolution:         100 – 200 Kilobytes (KB)
  • Low Resolution:                10 – 100 Kilobytes (KB)

6. On the next screen, tap AutoFill to scan the receipt image and populate the expense detail fields. See AutoFill Tips & Tricks to maximize this feature.


7. If needed, make edits to the expense data by tapping the field you want to edit, entering the data, and tapping Done to save your edits.


8. Tap Save to save the receipt information.


9. On your Certify Mobile homescreen, tap Sync to upload the receipt and add it to your My Certify Wallet.

If you find you uploaded a receipt in error, you can easily delete it. See Deleting Receipts Using Certify Mobile.


If you have ReportExecutive enabled, receipts in your My Certify Wallet are automatically added to an expense report for you. Alternatively, you can use the Certify Mobile Auto Expense Report Wizard to create an expense report on your mobile device.

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