New User Setup Wizard

The first time you log into your Certify account, you will be prompted to complete the New User Setup Wizard. This article shows you how to navigate through the New User Setup Wizard to complete the setup of your Certify Account. 

As a new user to Certify, the Welcome to Certify page displays and you are prompted to personalize your account settings. The Progress Bar in the upper right-hand corner will detail your setup progress. 


1. Select your Default Currency from the drop-down menu provided. Click Next.


2. On the next page, enter your Mobile Phone number (optional). Select your country code from the drop-down menu provided, and enter the remaining numbers in the field provided. Click Next.


3. The ADDITIONAL EMAIL ADDRESS page displays. If needed, use the Add Email Address field to set a secondary email address. This address can be used to email receipts to your Certify Wallet. Click Next.


4. From the ACCOUNT DETAILS section, confirm your account information is correct. To make changes, click Back. If the information listed is correct, click Finish.


You can make changes to your Certify account at any time by clicking the down arrow icon on the top-right corner, then selecting Account Settings.


After completing the New User Setup Wizard, the What’s Next panel appears on your Certify homepage for five consecutive logins. Only extra features selected by your company will be available within the panel. 

  • Get Certify Mobile takes you to the Add Receipts and Expenses Screen for instructions on how to download the Certify Mobile app. 
  • Configure Direct Deposit (if available) brings you to your My Account page to enter your bank account details. 
  • Add a Credit Card (if available) brings you to your My Account page to enter your credit card number(s), for credit cards selected by your company. 
  • Visit Training Camp takes you to the Certify Support Help Center to register for live trainings, view tutorial videos, and browse help articles

You can close What’s Next at any time by clicking the in the upper right corner.



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