Expense Report Other Actions Menu

The Other Actions menu provides several actions that allow you make changes to expenses in an expense report. This article describes the actions available in the Other Actions menu.


Delete Expense Remove an expense line from your expense report; if a receipt image is attached, it will be returned to your Certify Wallet, however, the expense  will be permanently deleted 

Please Note: This option may be disabled for imported credit card expenses.

Send To Wallet - Remove an expense line from the expense report; both the expense and the receipt will return to your Certify Wallet

Split Expense Split out a specific expense into different categories or departments

Copy - Create a duplicate expense line from another expense line in the expense report 

Add Bank Fee - Select an interbank fee percentage to add to the expense line; this can be used when you are charged for a credit card currency conversion fee for a business expense

Add Image - Add an additional image attachment to the expense line; this could be a second receipt or piece of supporting documentation. 

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