Expense User Roles Overview

There are four types of standard user roles in Emburse Certify Expense:

  • Employees: Create and submit expense reports.
  • Managers: Approve and Disapprove submitted expense reports. 
  • Executives: Increased access to the Reporting page. 
  • Accountants: Sets the Processing date for expense reports, and has full access to the Reporting page. 

In Certify Expense, user role capabilities flow downward. For example, the Manager has all the capabilities of the Employee role, plus functions specific to the Manager role. The Executive role has the capabilities of the Manager role, plus functions specific to the Executive role, and so on.

In addition to the four types of user roles, four Special Role Permissions that can be granted to users in addition to their Standard User Role:

  • Admin
  • Treasurer
  • Translator
  • Auditor

These Special Role Permissions allow users to perform additional actions within their company's Certify account. To learn more, see Special Role Permissions.

Role Capabilities

Role Capabilities





Create Expense Reports and Submit them for Reimbursement
Approve or Disapprove Line Items on Expense Reports  
Process Expense Reports      

Basic Reports

Access to the Enterprise Dashboard


Increased Access to Reports



Full access to Reports




To learn which specific reports are available to different user types, see List of Reports by User Role.

Role Descriptions

  • Employee

    An Employee creates and submits their own expense reports. Additionally, these users:

    • Edit and delete receipts, expenses, or expense reports in Drafts.
    • Receive and respond to inquiries from Approvers regarding expense reports submitted for approval.
    • Manage security information and system usage options on their Account Settings page.


  • Manager

    Managers approve expense reports submitted by Employees and are listed as Approvers within their assigned department. Additionally, they can:

    • Forward approved reports to other Managers/Executives/Accountants for additional approval.
    • Submit approved reports to Accountants for reimbursement.
    • View/Print/Export individual approved employee expense reports.


  • Executive

    An Executive is available as an approver for any user in the Approval Workflow. Additionally, these users:

    • Have the same capabilities as the Employee and Manager roles.
    • View/Print/Export a list of reports.
    • Can use the Reporting page to view all company data.

  • Accountant

    Accountants process expense reports submitted for reimbursement. Additionally, they can:

    • Delete any expense report submitted for approval and/or processing.
    • Use Reporting with full access.
    • Edit details for any submitted expense line.

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