Bulk Import Expenses

Administrators can bulk import expenses to a user’s wallet or an expense report using the Import Records tool.

1. From your Certify homepage, navigate to the System Configuration page by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. 

2. In the Certify Tools section, select Import Records.

3. Select Expenses from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Next.

5. On the Data Import Wizard- Expenses page, follow the instructions above the text box provided, before pasting the required values for the imported expense.

Certify recommends pasting the column headers for the below values into your preferred spreadsheet software, and then copying that data over into the text boxes provided.

data import wizard_expenses

6. Click Next when finished. 

Importing Expenses to a Certify Wallet

In the example below, an expense for $100 will be sent to tav.acc.test@gmail.com’s wallet using just the Email, Amount, Currency, Date, Posting Date, Transaction ID, Reimbursable, Vendor, and Location fields. The user can then add this expense to an expense report. 


Importing Expenses to an Expense Report

To move expenses directly to an expense report, simply populate the Report Name, Start Date, and End Date fields, along with the previously listed fields. This creates an expense report with the given name and dates if one does not already exist. If a matching expense report exists, the expenses are sent to that report instead of the user’s wallet. 

In the below example, the two listed expenses will be moved to an expense report called ‘Testing Import Expenses’:


For more information on how to bulk import data using the Import Records tool, visit the Bulk Updating Data Using Import Records article in our help center. 

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