Release Notes: March 17, 2023

Certify Payments - Automated Account Updates

Customers using Convera (formerly known as Western Union Business Solutions) as their ACH provider can now expect fewer failed payments, thanks to a new process that automatically updates a user’s account based on information sent from the user’s financial institution.

Occasionally, Convera attempts to deposit reimbursements into a user’s account using incorrect or outdated information. Even though the information is incorrect, the financial institution may have enough context to confidently deposit the funds to the correct bank account.

If the financial institution can identify the user correctly and deposit the funds, the institution sends a Notice of Change to Convera.

A Notice of Change (NOC) informs the entity attempting to deposit funds of the following:

  • The account information the ACH provider is using is incorrect.
  • Further attempts to deposit funds with incorrect information may be rejected or penalized.
  • The specific data point that is incorrect (routing number, account number, account type, etc.).
  • The correct or updated data point.

Convera then passes the NOC information to Certify, where the following occurs:

  • Certify automatically updates the user’s bank account information, in accordance with the NOC details received from the financial institution.
  • The user receives an email, informing them of the NOC.
  • A notice appears on the user’s homepage with a link to view the change details.

Users can access the details by clicking on the link in the message, or by opening their Account Settings page and selecting Automated ACH Account Update History.


The new page will provide details regarding which fields were updated by the NOC. Any information that was changed will be displayed with a strikethrough, with the updated information above it.

By automating this process, end users can expect fewer failed payments and less time spent updating their information manually.

For a complete walkthrough and additional details, be sure to visit our Help Center article on Notices of Change:

Understanding a Convera Notice of Change

Fax Cover Sheet Removed from Receipts Page


As stated in Release Notes from February 10th, we will no longer support Fax as a receipt upload method as of April 1st, 2023. In preparation for this change, we’ve removed the option for users to download the Fax Cover Sheet from the Receipts page.

Users who have already downloaded the Fax Cover Sheet may continue to use the service until it is retired, however, we strongly recommend utilizing Certify Mobile app or using the Email or Upload method to add receipts to your wallet.


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