AP Release Notes: December 1, 2023

Invoice Capture Email Configuration

AP Administrators using Certify AP's Invoice Capture service for their vendor invoices can now add/edit invoice capture emails from the Department Preferences page. 

Users must follow the mandatory requirements:

  1. The email string must be unique, as we have a validation set up to check uniqueness.
  2. To assign new invoice capture emails to be used for a department, the department must have “Bill To This Department” enabled.

New Additional Fields - Invoice API

We have added two new fields to the invoice GET API response. 

  • AccountingReviewDate: The date the invoice has been reviewed on the Accounting Review page.
  • ACHPaymentSettledDate: The date the invoice was marked as paid via CertifyPayment/B2BPayment.

Managing Company Documents

Company Documents are a way for companies to upload any purchasing policies or other documents for users to easily access from the Certify AP Home page. Administrators can easily manage these documents from the Company Preferences page.

New User Move Modal

Certify AP has developed a new UI (User Interface) for moving a user to another department. This UI uses our updated style, creating a smoother transition when moving the user. 

Vendor Search - Invoice Creation

We have enabled a vendor search for all companies that allow an invoice submitter to search the vendor using a Search field rather than just using the vendor list.

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-3762 | Allocated products are displayed separately in the PL An issue was found where the PO item that is allocated multiple ways is displayed incorrectly on the submitted packing list in the archive. This has been resolved.
CAP-7954 | Unable to see User-Based Configuration report without Receiving Report An issue was found where the User-Based Approval Configuration report access was associated to the Receiving report permission. This has been resolved and now users with Administrator permission will see this report option.
CAP-7965 | [Spending Report] Object Reference Error An issue was found where users were not able to run Spending Report due to code issue. This has been resolved.
CAP-7979 | CheckRequest Print Issue An issue was found where the certify brand logo section was being included in the CheckRequest print view. This has been resolved.
CAP-7983 | [CEB] Dept Filter not including inactive department invoice An issue was found where the dept filter export file was not including the invoices that are allocated to inactive department. This has been resolved.
CAP-7992 | Unable to generate CompanyDataExport An issue was found where the CompanyDataExport was not generating the data. This has been resolved.

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