Release Notes: September 22, 2023

Capital One Direct Connect

Through our partnership with Capital One, Certify is pleased to offer an API-based direct connection to Capital One which automatically retrieves and imports credit card transactions to your users’ Certify Wallets. In addition to a higher quality and more reliable data feed, this integration also offers support for Capital One Spark Cards, which were previously unavailable through our third-party data aggregators.

Capital One connections are managed at the company level, meaning a company’s Capital One card program only needs to be connected once, by an Administrator. Once connected, Administrators will map cards to the appropriate users. End-users will not need to connect their cards, nor will they require Capital One online banking credentials.

Once connected, Administrators will map each card to a respective user, which will enable automatic transaction import.

If necessary, cards may be left unmapped if they should not import transactions to Certify. For more information on how to connect a Capital One card program, check out our guide on Capital One Card Programs.

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