Emailing Receipts

Email is a quick and convenient method for adding receipts and expenses to your Certify Wallet. When email with receipt attachments or expense data is sent to, the receipt or expense data will be automatically parsed and added to your Certify Wallet. You can email receipts from your computer's email service, or from a mobile device with email capabilities. If you are sending receipts from alternate email addresses, you may Add an Additional Email Address to your Certify account. This article shows you how to email receipts and expenses to your Certify Wallet. 

1. Create a new email using your company email service. In the To field, enter In the Subject line, enter the receipt name. Alternatively, if a vendor has emailed you a receipt, you can forward the emailed receipt to


2. Attach your receipts to the email. Any number of receipts may be attached, however, the total size of the email (including any text and signatures) must be under 6 MB. Certify will accept all major image file types such as jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, tif, etc. Click Send.

When Certify receives the email with your receipt or expense data, the data is automatically parsed and added to your Certify Wallet. If you would like to review the receipts or expenses that were added to your Certify Wallet, log into your Certify account to view your Wallet.



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