Release Notes: October 13, 2023

Expense Notes Now Visible In Certify Wallet


The Certify Wallet view has been enhanced to show any notes associated with an expense line, added during the approval process.

An existing feature allows accountants to return pending expense lines to the submitter’s wallet. Similar to the Inquiry feature, the ability to send an expense line back to the wallet is a great way to keep a report moving through the approval process if only one expense line needs attention or correction.

Previously, expense notes would not appear in the Certify Wallet, which gave the submitter little context and explanation as to why the receipt was returned.

Going forward, a generic expense note will automatically be added to any expense line returned to the Wallet by an accountant. The note will include the accountant’s name who returned the line, as well as when it was returned.

Additionally, any notes added during the approval process will also be visible in the Wallet. This will help give the submitter additional context and instruction on how to proceed.

Once the expense line is added to a new expense report, the notes will remain visible- matching previous Draft behavior.

New Email Alerts For Delegate Users

Companies leveraging the Expenses Requiring Your Attention notification, which informs submitters of old transactions in their Certify Wallet or Draft(s), will notice that Delegates will begin to receive an email notification in addition to their Authority accounts, in the event that the Authority account has expenses in their Wallet or Draft(s) which need to be submitted.

Previous behavior would only send the email to the Authority user. We elected to make this change to keep Delegate users apprised of any issues with their Authority account’s expenses.

AMEX and Capital One Direct Connect Updates

A new email notification has been created, which warns administrators when credit card transactions fail to import because a card is mapped to an inactive user. This new email notification is only available for card programs that are leveraging the card mapping feature:

  • American Express small business card programs
  • CapitalOne card programs

The email will alert the administrators, informing them that some transactions have not been imported. The administrator can then choose to either map the card to a new employee, or reactivate the currently inactive user record.

“Submit for Reimbursement” Action Renamed to “Approve Report”

Based on customer feedback, we’ve adjusted the verbiage of the previously named Submit for Reimbursement action when approving expense reports. Submit for Reimbursement was causing confusion for our approvers, especially for customers who predominantly submit non-reimbursable credit card transactions.

To that end, we've elected to simplify the action by renaming it to Approve Report in an effort to streamline the approval process and minimize any user confusion.


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