Release Notes: December 15, 2023

Quickbooks Online Sync Updates

In the Certify Quickbooks Online sync, currently, expense reports paid using Certify ACH can only be exported to QBO as a Journal Entry. We’ve heard from multiple customers that they would like these to be exported as checks or bills - and we’ve heeded the call!

Customers using the QBO sync will now be able to indicate which of JEs, checks, or bills they’d like ‘ACH-ed’ expense reports to sync over as. If you choose checks or bills, we also add a ‘Paid using Certify ACH’ line of text to the memo field in Quickbooks Online. 

Before saving your preferences, we do encourage customers to follow best practice and sync paid expense reports as Journal Entries - but we want you to have the flexibility to choose another option if it best fits your workflow. 

To set up the new mapping settings, simply navigate to the Preferences section of the Quickbooks Online Synchronization page


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