Release Notes: December 8, 2023

Copy/Pasted Expenses Display with Unique Card Icon

With this release, any expenses created using the Copy/Paste tool will display with a new icon, further differentiating the expenses from transactions that were imported through an automated import process. The new icon will appear in the Wallet, Draft, and Approval views.

The goal of the change is to help expense report submitters and approvers alike distinguish between true credit card expenses and expenses that were added manually. When hovering over the Copy/Pasted expenses, additional detail will be shown to the viewer.

Traditional credit card transactions will continue to display the credit card icon. Additionally, the last 4 digits of the credit card will be displayed in all scenarios to better help users differentiate between the two transaction types.

Updates to Minimum Password Complexity Requirements

As part of our commitment to providing the highest levels of security and privacy, and in adherence with data security best practices, we now require all new passwords to follow stricter password complexity standards. All passwords created after December 7, 2023 must meet our highest level of security. This includes a password which contains

  • At least 8 characters
  • An uppercase and lowercase character
  • A numeric character
  • A special character

Please note that all existing users will not be impacted and will only be asked to choose a stricter password if they reset their current password.

Columns Added to ACH Reimbursement History Report

For clients using Certify Payments through our payment provider Convera, we’ve added new data points to the ACH Reimbursement History Report. These include:

  • Batch ID - The unique identifier of the batch which includes the transaction in question
  • Payment Status Last Updated Date - The date of the most recent status update from Convera. This date will inform administrators of when the payment was released to the user’s bank account, or when the bank rejected the payment request.

These columns can be found on the ACH Reimbursement History Report, under the Reporting section. Please note that only customers leveraging Convera as their payment provider will see these changes.

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