Release Notes: February 10, 2023


Include Receipt External Access Codes in an HTTP Request Header

Customers leveraging the Receipt External Access Code to share receipts with external users can now include the access code within an HTTP request header when fetching the receipt images programmatically.

This is especially useful for customers who are looking to automate external receipt retrieval when the Receipts API is not a viable option.

Customers will want to include the header “X-Receipt-External-Access-Code” in an HTTP request, along with their unique access code. The code is found on the Security Settings page, inside the application under Configuration.

Please Note: The external access code expires annually, meaning that any external processes will need to be updated with the new access code to avoid disruptions in service.

Please be aware that our Support Team will not be able to provide assistance for this configuration given that the process relies heavily on external third-party systems.

Fax Deprecation

Starting in April, Certify will no longer offer Fax as a method to upload receipts. This decision was made after analysis showed incredibly low usage when compared to other more popular receipt upload methods. Deprecating our Fax services allows us to shift resources and investment toward optimizing existing receipt upload methods.

Certify users looking for alternatives are encouraged to download the Certify Mobile App, available for iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, users can Email their receipts to or Upload receipts saved to their computer using the direct upload option.

‘New Field Added to API Configuration Page

Administrators can now add a Credential Name to every set of API credentials on This new field will be particularly useful to customers who use multiple API keys for different purposes. 

To add credentials, click the edit icon next to your pre-populated company name:

When done editing, press Enter to confirm your changes:

Update to the Number of Login Attempts

Users who incorrectly type their passwords 6 times while logging into Certify will be locked out of the system for 30 minutes.

In the past, users had 20 attempts to type in their passwords correctly. We are making this change to enhance the security of the application and adhere to updated PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.


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