Release Notes: June 30, 2023

Custom Acknowledgement on Report Submission Page



Administrators can now customize the acknowledgment presented on the expense report submission page. The new setting, available on the View and Edit Policy page under Configuration, gives Administrators more flexibility to share company-specific messaging before a report can be submitted.



A default message of “I certify this expense report is true and accurate.” remains available to those who elect to not customize.

Please Note: An acknowledgment of some kind is required and the checkbox cannot be removed.

New and Improved Send Email to Users Page

Administrators mass-sending emails to their users will notice a redesigned Send Email to Users page, which can be accessed at this link or via the Configuration page. 

The page can be used to send specific user groups (administrators, accountants, managers, executives, or employees) emails en masse. 

This redesign, like Certify’s recent redesign of the Single Sign On (SSO) page, is another step towards modernizing the look and feel of the Certify web application. 


New Additions to Certify API

Based on customer feedback, Certify Expense has added the ability to read Line Item Notes, Meal Attendees, and Inquiry Questions and Responses to the Certify API. 

Users signed up for our API Release Notes have already received information about the new API additions. Sign up to receive API updates a week in advance by entering your information on this page: 

Certify Expense is adding the ability to read Inquiry Questions and Responses, Line Item Notes, and Meal Attendees to the following endpoints:

  • GET /expenses
  • GET /expenses/{id}
  • GET /expensereports/{id}/expenses

More information about the updates can be found below. These updates will not affect existing processes. 

  • Inquiry Questions and Responses -- Inquiries can be used by managers to send a question about a particular expense line to the submitter. More information can be found here.
    • For each expense, we’ve added an ‘Inquiries’ field. The field will return in the form of an array of objects, one for each inquiry-response pair. Each object will contain the following properties: 

"Inquiries": [


"RequestorID": "6c73d1d9-0807-4bd3-97ae-ec54e7dd6a35",

"RequestorFirstName": "Steve",

"RequestorLastName": "Manager",

"RequestorEmail": "",

"RequestDate": "2023-05-08",

"Inquiry": "Please update to the correct expense category.",

"Response": "Done!",

"ResponseDate": "2023-05-09"



    • If an expense has no inquiries, the field will return an empty array.
  • Line Item Notes -- Approvers are able to add notes to a specific expense when reviewing expense reports. More information can be found here.
    • If an expense has no Notes, the field will return an empty array.
    • For each expense, we’ve added a ‘Notes’ field. The field will also return as an array of objects, one for each note added. Each object will contain the following properties: 

"Notes": [


"SubmitterID": "6c73d1d9-0807-4bd3-97ae-ec54e7dd6a35",

"SubmitterFirstName": "Steve",

"SubmitterLastName": "Manager",

"SubmitterEmail": "",

"Date": "2023-06-07",

"Note": "Corrected expense category.",

"Flagged": "False"



  • Meal Attendees -- Users submitting expenses of the category ‘Meals’ can indicate other attendees of the meals in question. Depending on the category configuration, attendees can either be a free-text field or a series of fields. For each expense, we’ve added a ‘MealAttendees’ field for the former, and a ‘DetailedMealAttendees’ field for the latter.
    • If Meal Attendees is a free text field, the response looks like this;

"MealAttendees": "Support Team",

"DetailedMealAttendees": []

    • If Meal Attendees is a series of fields, the response looks like this;

"MealAttendees": "",

"DetailedMealAttendees": [


"FirstName": "Steve",

"LastName": "Manager",

"Title": "",

"Company": "",

"Relation": "Self"



"FirstName": "John",

"LastName": "Employee",

"Title": "Support",

"Company": "My Company",

"Relation": "Employee"




For more information, please refer to the Certify API Documentation Page

Viewing the Certify Mobile Company Code

Users of companies that use SSO (Single Sign On) for mobile are now able to view their Certify Mobile Company Code within the application. 

The mobile code is used the first time a user logs into Certify Mobile using SSO, and previously required contacting an administrator to view. 

The code can be found at The page is also accessible by clicking on the question mark icon at the top right of Certify>> Help Center>>Contact your Certify Administrator. The code is visible on the right-hand side of the page. 




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