Sending an Inquiry

As a manager reviewing a submitted expense report, you can send an inquiry to the submitter to request specific information such as a new or different receipt, or request an edit to an expense line. This method allows the submitter to make corrections to expense lines without you having to disapprove the entire expense report. This article shows you how to send an Inquiry on a expense line, as well as how to view the submitter's reply. 

Creating an Inquiry

1. On your Certify homepage, click Approval Requests.


2. On the next page, you will see all of the expense reports awaiting your approval. To view a specific expense report, click the Employee name or the view (document) icon under the View column. This will open the expense report in a new browser window.


3. If you have a question about an expense line, or about the expense report, you will need to open the Other Actions menu. To access this menu, click the arrows (>) under the Approval column. Select Inquire


4. On the next page, enter text in the Enter Question field. If you would like to allow the submitter to make edits to the expense line, click the checkbox next to Allow Expense Edit. Click Save


5. After saving your Inquiry, the expense report status will change from Pending to Inquiry to indicate that the expense report has been sent back to the submitter.


Viewing the Inquiry Reply

When the submitter responds to your inquiry, you can view their response in the expense line. Your original inquiry and the submitter's reply are both saved in the expense line within the expense report. When you have finished reviewing the submitter's response, you can continue moving forward with the expense report approval process.


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