List of Reports By User Role

Certify Expense allows users to have varying levels of access to our reporting page, based on their user role. Below is a list of the reports available in Certify Expense, and indicates which User Role(s) has access to them:

Certify Expense Reports Accountants/ Admins Executives Managers Employees
Enterprise Dashboard
Accounts Payable Report      
ACH Reimbursement History    
Browse Departments    
Browse Employee General Ledger Dimensions    
Browse Expense Categories    
Browse Expense General Ledger    
Browse Free-Text Expense General Ledger Dimensions    
Browse Users    
Client Billable Report    
Custom Per-Diem Report    
Daily Meal Limit By Employee    
Delegate User Action    
Delegate User Assignment    
Expense Detail Review
Expense Policy Review
Expense Reason Analysis    
Expense Report Accruals    
Expense Report Approvals
Expense Report Statistics    
Expense Reports Pending  
Expense By Category
Expenses by Employee    
Expenses By GL Dimension
Expenses Direct to Company      
Expenses With Receipts    
GSA Per-Diem Report    
Hotel Nights By State/Province
Meals Attendees
Meals By Employee    
Mileage By Employee
My Pending Expense Reports
My Team’s Expense Reports  
P-Card Reconciliation Report      
Per-Diem By Employee    
Processed Expense Reports
Taxes Paid    
Top Hotel Vendors    
Top Rental Vendors    
Top Travel Carriers    
Users Added Report    
View Recent CC Emails    
View Recent Emails    


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