Sharing Receipt URLs with External Users

Multiple Emburse Certify reports, including the Client Billable Report and Expenses with Receipts Report, include a column containing a unique URL to view the receipt image associated with a given expense. Customers can elect to share these reports with external users who do not have access to Certify, such as a partner, vendor, or client.

Because these external users do not have a login to Certify, they are not able to view the receipt images contained in the reports without an External Access Code.

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to safely and securely share your company’s receipt images with external users using your company’s Receipt External Access Code.

Sharing the Receipt URLs

The Client Billable Report and Expenses with Receipts Report, as well as any Custom Reports, contain a secure Receipt URL when exported to Excel. The Receipt URL partnered with the company’s Receipt External Access Code gives external users the opportunity to view receipt images without requiring a Certify username and password. This section shows Administrators how to export and share the Receipt URLs with external users.

1. Open the Reporting tab from the Certify homepage. 


2. Select the Report in question. Our standard Client Billable Report and Expenses with Receipts report contain Receipt URLs. Custom Reports can also include a column for receipt URLs.

3. Enter the appropriate parameters.


Please Note: If you intend to share this report externally, be sure to only include the expense lines to which the external user should have access. External users will have access to any receipts for which they obtain the Receipt URL and External Access Code.

4. Ensure the appropriate columns are visible on the report. Use the Column Filter to show or hide columns as needed. To include Receipt URLs, ensure that the Receipt Report Link column is selected.



5. Click Export to Excel.

6. Share the export or the specific Receipt URLs with the external users as needed.

Please Note: Sharing only the Receipt URLs will not grant access to external users. External users must also hold your company’s Receipt External Access Code to see the receipts. For more information on sharing your Receipt External Access Code, click here


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