Requesting Reports

Using the Requested Reports feature, Accountants can create a Custom Output File from their Accounts Payable Report. The Custom Output File runs the report and sends an email notification to the Accountant when it is done processing. Instead of having to wait while the report processes, Accountants can continue to access Certify Expense, and download the report at their convenience.  

This article shows you, a Certify Accountant, how to request the Custom Output File and enable email notifications.

Requesting a Report

1. Open the Reporting page by clicking the option in the left-hand menu.


2. Click View Requested Reports to open the Requested Reports page.

Please Note: Accountants without an output file configured will not be able to utilize the Reporting Requests feature.


3. To create a new report request, click the Plus icon at the top right of the screen.


4. The Accounts Payable Report opens. Fill in the necessary fields, selecting the relevant Request File to populate the output file. 


Please Note: Leaving the Request File field blank processes the report without requesting it for later.

Requested File Status

If a pending request exists, it appears in a table on the Requested Reports page.


Reports will show one of the following under the Status column:  

  • Queued – The report has not run yet.
  • Running – The report is currently being processed.
  • Complete – The report is ready to download
  • Expired – The report was requested more than seven days ago and the data is no longer being stored. The request can be re-queued if you would like to retrieve the data again.
  • Error -- The report did not process correctly. Attempt to re-queue the request using the re-queue icon under the Actions column. If you still receive an errored state, contact your Support team for assistance. 

You can refresh the page to view an updated status by clicking on the Refresh icon on the top right of the table.


Enabling Email Notifications

Email notifications can be switched on and off using the toggle at the top of left of the Requested Reports page. 


When notifications are enabled and the report finishes processing, an email notification is sent.


Selecting the View Reporting Dashboard link brings the user back to the Requested Reports page, where they can download the Custom Output File.

Downloading The File

When the report has finished running, click the Download icon that appears in the Actions column.


This downloads the requested report file to your desktop. The file type will be determined by the configured output file.

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