Accounts Payable Report

The Accounts Payable Report is available to Accountants to display and gather data needed for Accounts Payable systems. If your company has a custom Accounts Payable Report, that is also stored in the same place. 

You'll find this report in the Financial Oversight and Auditing section of Reporting.

1. Scroll to the report in Reporting.


2. Use the available search parameters, and click Submit.


This report will show:

  • Employee Details
  • Expense Report Title and Date Range
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Processed Date
  • Approval Code
  • GL Summary
  • ACH Transaction ID (if available)

The top of the report organizes reimbursable expenses per report:


The bottom of the report generates a GL summary:


The AP Detail view at the top of the report will organize details by expense line for a slightly different display:


Custom AP Reports are accessible via a link at the top of the Accounts Payable Report

Please Note: Custom AP Reports will display details as specified by your company. 


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