ACH Reimbursement History Report

The ACH Reimbursement History Report is available to Administrators, Accountants, and Treasurers. This article describes how to access your ACH Reimbursement History Report

1. Access the report via Reporting.


2. Select the ACH Reimbursement History Report.


3. Use the search parameters to customize your report and click Submit

If you have any employee general ledger dimensions built into Certify, they will also appear as search parameters.


As with all Certify reports, the displayed report can be viewed as a PDF file or exported to Excel. This report will also display reports reimbursed manually. The report details:

  • Expense Report Details:
    • Name, approval code, and processed date
  • Payment Details:
    • Reimbursement date, transaction ID, and amount
  • Payment Type:
    • Domestic ACH – Processed using ACH.
    • International ACH – Processed using IACH.
    • International Wire – Processed using Wire Transfer.
    • Blank – Shows blank if the batch is still in the process of being sent to Western Union.
  • Employee and Treasurer names


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