Using Flexible Reporting

By using Certify's Flexible Reporting, you can configure reports to show the columns you actually need and hide the ones you don't. Certify will retain column selections and apply them the next time you run the report.

For example, you may occasionally need certain information from a report (such as the expense's approval date) but not other information (such as the company code). When you run the report, you can use Certify's Flexible Reporting to select which columns you want the report to display so that you only view the information you need.

This feature is available for the following reports:

This article will show you how to use Flexible Reporting to select specific columns to display on your Certify reports.

1. On your Certify homepage, click Reporting.


2. Click the report you'd like to work with. Here, I'll choose the Expense Detail Review report.


3. Enter your search criteria for the report. Then, click Submit.


4. Click the Filter icon to select which columns you want to display.


5. The Report Columns list appears which displays all available columns on the report. Click the checkbox next to each column you want to see. Leave the columns you do not want to see blank. The report will hide all columns with unmarked checkboxes.

Please NoteYou can select which columns display in the report, but you cannot change the order in which they display.



6. Click Apply to complete.


7. A green confirmation message appears. The report only displays the columns you selected.


8. To export the report to Excel, click Export to Excel. When you exit this report, Certify remembers your column selections and applies them the next time you run the report. You can return to the report and change your column selections at any time.






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