AP Release Notes: July 27, 2023

New Approval Detail Page

Certify AP has now released a new UI/UX of the approval detail page.

Though the design has been updated, approving and rejecting transactions remain the same. To approve, select the checkmark (✓) or to reject, select the x mark and click PROCESS

Please Note: There is a minor issue with rejecting the credit memo invoice. Approvers must add the rejection comment in the View Details window, then reject the invoice. This issue will be resolved in the upcoming release.

Editing the transaction is disabled by default. If your company wishes to allow approvers to modify transactions during the approval process, an AP administrator will need to enable this feature on the Company Preferences page. With the new design, we are also now tracking the changes made by the approver. 

Please Note: As of right now, approvers are not able to edit the value of the Qty and Price for a requisition. This will be resolved in the upcoming release.

For more details, please visit our help center: AP-Release-Notes-New-Approval-Detail-UX-UI, or reach out to our support team. 

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-7599 | Incorrect req validation message An issue was found where the approval validation message was incorrectly showing in the FinalizeRequistion page for Flexible Approvals. This has been resolved.
CAP-7432 | Incorrect invoice display for Budget vs. Actual report An issue was found where the invoice was being displayed for unallocated amount in the GL Budget vs. Actual Report. This has been resolved.
CAP-7686 | AIA Not looking up user correctly An issue was found where the Automated Invoice Assignment rule was not looking up the invoice submitters via Role. This has been resolved.
CAP-7707 | Unable to move dept without approval permission An issue was found where the administrator was not able to move the department without approval permission. This has been resolved.

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