AP Release Notes: New Approval Detail UX/UI

In the next quarter, Certify AP will transition our AP Approval Detail pages to a new User Interface for a more streamlined workflow. All transaction Approval Detail pages have been updated to reflect the new interface. As we continue to update our Certify AP site, additional changes and adjustments may be released. 

This article shows you, a Certify AP user, how to navigate the new interface for the Approval Details page.

Locating the Approval Details Page

1. To access the Approval Details page, navigate to the Approval Inbox.

2. Select a transaction to open the Approval Details page.

Approval Details Page

Below is the new Approval Details page:

To return to the Approval Inbox, click the Back button in the upper left corner of the page.

Using the Summary Page

1. View Details

Approvers can click the View Details button to view Comments, Billing, Shipping, Vendor information, and the Approval Chain for transactions.

Approvers with the Company Preference enabled can also edit the Title and Date on the Approval Details page.

2. Line Item Grid

The Line Item Grid lists current line items associated with the transaction.

To export a list of line items, click the Export button.

Click the Manage Columns button to open a popup window that allows Approvers to Add/Remove column headers.

Click Compare View to pull up a .pdf attachment of the transaction. From here, Approvers can check line items against an image for enhanced accuracy.

3. Viewing/Adding Line Items

Approvers can click on a line item to open the Line Item Details page. From here, Approvers can view the Product Info, Comments, and Allocations, as well as the item Quantity, Unit Price, and Amount.


Please Note: Only users with the Company Preference enabled can edit line item information such as Quantity, Unit Price, and Allocation Details.

To add a Line Item, click the Add Line Item button.

Fill out the necessary fields and allocations for the Line Item and click Save when finished.

Please Note: If you have any restrictions (for ex, Vendor/Dept, Project/Dept, etc.) enabled, the drop-down choice will be restricted based on association.

Adding a Footer

On an Approval Details page for Invoices, an additional button is available to add a Footer to the Invoice.

The following Footer options are available to add:

  • Freight
  • Handling
  • Tax
  • Misc.

4. Approving Transaction Line Items

Approvers can choose to Approve or Deny line items individually or all at once.

To Approve or Deny multiple line items at once, click the Green Check or Red X icons at the top of the column.

5. Processing Transaction Line Items

After Approving or Denying the line items, click the Process button to finish the approval process.

A comment window pops up if any line items are denied. Approvers must enter a reason for denying the line item(s) before clicking the Process button.


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