AP Release Notes: July 5, 2023

New Approval Detail Page (Pending Release)

We have almost completed the new approval detail page. In this release, we have worked on the following functionality:

  • Route to Approver
  • Save line item sorting state
  • Budget Report

The new UI/UX for the approval detail page will be released in the upcoming release. If you have not yet read the quick start guide, please refer to AP-Release-Notes-New-Approval-Detail-UX-UI in our help center.

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-7505 | Handle invoice processing error response for OCR An issue was found where we did not update the ocr status to error for a particular response. This has been resolved.
CAP-7597 | Missing NACHA format on CEB An issue was found where the NACHA file format option was missing on the custom export builder page.
CAP-7602 | Unable to reactivate/deactivate punchout vendor + import vendors with payment account via DIU An issue was found where the certify team was not able to reactivate or deactivate punchout vendor internally but also clients cannot import vendors with payment account via sftp. This has been resolved.

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