Adding a Credit Card

Certify offers a credit card integration feature that automatically imports business expenses into your Certify Wallet for inclusion in your expense reports. This article shows you how to set up the credit card integration feature for your account.

1. On your account homepage click your name, then click Account Settings.


2. On the Account Settings tab, next to Add Credit Card, select a card type from the drop-down menu, Enter your credit card number in the fields provided. Click Save to continue.


If you are using a corporate card provided by your organization, you have completed all of the steps for adding a credit card to your Certify account. If you are using a small business credit card, continue on to Step 3 below.

3. After you click Save, the Add Small Business Credit Card appears. On the next page, search for and select the financial institution associated with your credit card. Then, choose if the card is an Admin account or not. Finally, click Continue.



4. A confirmation box will ask if you wish to continue. This redirect will send you to our small business credit card aggregator, Finicity's, website. You will be asked to enter your banking credentials and authorize Finicity to import transaction information to Certify.


5. Enter your online banking username and password. Depending on the institution, you may also be asked to answer a security question or enter a one-time code.


It may take several minutes to retrieve your account information depending on your specific bank.


6. Once complete, you'll be brought back to Certify and will receive a confirmation message that the card has been added to your account.



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