AP Release Notes: September 22, 2023

New Features:

New Convera Error Code Handling

We have added new error codes to the status mapping for CertifyPayment. This was done to ensure we are updating the payment status accordingly in both Certify Expense and Certify AP. 

Coming Soon:

New Approval Detail Page

Certify AP is continuing to update the new Approval Detail page. Currently, we are updating the transaction header section to allow approvers to edit header information such as Title, Transaction Date without having to open the View Detail modal. As an approver, you can edit those fields by clicking on either the transaction title or date picker to update the information.

This new version of the approval page will be available in early October. See our Release Notes for Approval Details UX/UI for more information

New Filter Section & Code Field - Custom Export Builder

Certify AP is working on adding a couple of enhancements to our Custom Export Builder page.

First, we are adding a new filter section in the Custom Export Builder page.

This new section will be used to organize any other filters that can be used on the export template. As a start, we are redefining the department filter selection. 

Secondly, we are adding a new Code Field in each export section

This Code Field is used to define a conditional logic statement to output a static value based on another data field. (For ex, IF GLCode = [value1] then Output = [value2])

Both enhancements will be available in the coming weeks.  

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-7729 | [AID] Duplicate lines for PL An issue was found in the new approval detail page where the packing list line item was duplicated when the PO item is allocated to 2 or more ways. This has been resolved.
CAP-7823 | Unable to view UserSpending Report An issue was found where the user was not able to drill down the UserSpendingReport. This has been resolved.
CAP-7826 | DeptCode not syncing to AP An issue was found where the departmentcode was not updated in AP when it was updated from Expense. This has been resolved.
CAP-7828 | User not updated from CE/AP  An issue was found where the user was not updated properly in AP when it was updated from Expense. This has been resolved.

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