Release Notes: August 18, 2023

Kyrgyzstani Som added as a Supported Currency


Certify Expense now supports the Kyrgyzstani Som for customers conducting business in Kyrgyzstan. The currency can be found in the currency dropdown when creating or editing an expense. Similar to other currencies, all foreign expenses will be converted to the submitter’s default currency using data from our FX rate provider, Xignite.

Xignite integrates FX rate data from multiple leading data providers, including Morningstar, SwissQuote, and Rada FX, to provide the highest level of liquidity, coverage, and redundancy. The original contributors of Xignite's FX rates are Allied Irish, Commerzbank, Den Norske Bank, European Central Bank, Nordea Bank, SAXO, UBS, Banca D’Italia, Banco de Espana, SA, Banco de Mexico, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Banque de France.

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