Release Notes: August 11, 2023

AMEX Direct Connect Updates

To improve the reconciliation of American Express transactions, Emburse Certify has added the AMEX Reference ID to the Reason field. Additionally, the Reference ID can be included in export files upon request. This ID will match the transaction ID found on customers’ monthly statements.


Please Note: This enhancement only applies to customers who have connected their AMEX program through the AMEX direct connect integration.

AMEX Direct Connect - Token Expiration Warning

American Express security policies require Administrators to reauthenticate their card program with Certify every 90 days. In an effort to avoid disruptions and prevent transaction import failure, we’ve introduced homepage warnings for Administrators.


Administrators will be notified seven days in advance of token expiration, informing them action is required. A similar message will be sent via email at the same time.

Re-authorization is as simple as returning to the Manage your Card Programs screen and selecting Re-Authorize on the impacted program.


Full Instructions on Re-authorization can be found in our Help Center article Connecting an American Express Card Program.

Currency Update - Sierra Leonean Leone

Sierra Leone’s currency, the Leone, recently underwent a redenomination. To support employees traveling to the country, we’ve updated Certify Expense to reflect the new currency and exchange rates. 

The new currency has been named “Sierra Leonean Leone (New Leone)” to reflect the updates.

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