Release Notes: August 7, 2023

Adding Receipts to a Processed Expense Line


While it’s encouraged for users to attach their receipts to credit card transactions before expense report submission, we ecognize that sometimes deadlines need to be met and business continuity is a Finance team’s priority. That’s why we’ve created a new Administrative setting that allows Accountants to attach receipt images to expense lines after the expense report has been processed.

Perhaps the user hasn’t received their hotel receipt, but monthly expense reports are due tomorrow. With this new setting, the user could submit the credit card transaction without a receipt and have it approved and processed, ensuring the company’s credit card bill is paid on time. Once the receipt is received, the user can forward it to their Finance team, who can attach it retroactively to the expense report, ensuring the proper documentation is cataloged.

The new setting can be enabled by a company Administrator on the View and Edit Policy page, under System Configuration.



Once enabled, any user with the Accountant role will see a new option in the Other Actions Menu when viewing processed expenses which do not have a receipt attached.



The Add Image option will only be available for expense lines without a receipt currently attached. When selected, the Accountant will be prompted to upload the image from their computer.

Please Note: Receipts cannot be selected from the Accountant’s Wallet at this time.

Once an image is added, an uneditable note will be added to the expense line, informing other viewers that the receipt image was added after the report was processed.


Accountants will also have the option to delete the images. This option will only be present if the receipt image was added after the report was processed.


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