Release Notes: July 7, 2023

Expense Equality Checks

Expense Equality Checks, configurable by administrators on the View and Edit Policy page, can be used to enforce that all expenses within an expense report share a common ‘value’. 

For example, an administrator can set a rule that all expenses within a report must have the same expense report GLD name. Attempting to submit an expense report with expenses having different expense report GLD names will then trigger an error message and prevent submission, as pictured below. 

To configure Equality Checks, navigate to the Configuration page by clicking the gear icon on the top-right of your screen. Next, click the View and Edit Policy link in the Company Policy card. Administrators can then use the Expense Equality Checks section to configure rules for reimbursable status, card program, card number, and all expense report GLD names and codes.

Certify Now! Updates

Starting this year, all Certify Now! customers will be charged sales tax on their invoices. For this reason, Now! customers must update their headquarter addresses within Certify. Customers without updated addresses will see the below banner on their homepage, which will disappear once the update has been made. 

To update your company address, navigate to and populate the bolded fields. 

Certain customers will see applicable tax rates on the page after making the update, which will also be reflected in their upcoming invoices. 

If your company is tax-exempt, you can learn how to request an exemption in Certify by reading this Help Center article


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