AP Release Notes: June 2, 2023

New API Method - Vendors

Certify AP has implemented a new way to manage vendors via API. The new Vendor API endpoint allows companies to GET/POST/PUT vendors via API. For more details, please refer to our Certify AP API Documentation.

Vendor Change History Report

We have added a new page that allows users who manage company vendors to view the changes made on the vendor profile.

On the Manage Vendors page, users will now see a new link labeled 'View Vendor Change History'.

After clicking the link, the Vendor Change History page opens.

The following Actions are tracked:

  • Insert: this occurs when the new vendor is created.
  • Update: this occurs when the vendor field is updated.
  • Delete: this occurs when the vendor is deleted.

Users can click the EXPORT button to export the results to Excel.

Please Note: The changes done via SetupUtilities or DataImport are not tracked on this page.

Invoice OCR Enhancement

In some cases, OCR’ed invoices come back with non-numerical data in place of expected numerical data (for ex, Qty or Price). Certify AP has added a workaround to extract only the numerical data for this particular instance. 

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-7380 | Incorrect Chage Status update when invoice is deleted An issue was found where the charge status was incorrectly updated when the invoice with credit card charge matched is deleted from the Home dashboard. This has been resolved.
CAP-7431 | Incorrect GL Update when GL is grouped An issue was found where the GL hierarchy was not updated properly when the GL is grouped. This has been resolved.

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