Release Notes: June 2, 2023

Viewing Certify PGP Key No Longer Requires Login

Certify Expense’s public-facing PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key is now viewable without logging into the application. The key is used for the encryption and decryption of sensitive data being passed to and from the application. 

The public-facing PGP key can be found at, which no longer requires a user to be logged into the application to access it. 

Update to Browse Users Report

For Personal or SMB feed P-Cards, the Browse Users report will now explicitly indicate whether a card has been disconnected from a user’s account. 

To view this new status, administrators can navigate to the report using the Reporting option on the left-hand side navigation, and scroll to the P-Card Info column. If a given card is disconnected, the column will display '(Inactive)’ after the card details, as can be seen below. 



‘Download Only’ Option Added to Reports

Earlier this year, we announced that the Expenses By Category Report would now feature a ‘Download Only’ option. When set to ‘True’, the option pulls down the report file without rendering data on the browser - meaning a much faster data retrieval experience. 



We’re pleased to announce that the same option has been added to a large set of additional reports. These include:

  • ACH Reimbursement History
  • Allocations
  • Allowance Report
  • Annual Billing Report
  • Browse Departments
  • Browse Employee General Ledger Dimensions
  • Browse Expense Categories
  • Browse Expense General Ledger Dimensions
  • Browse Free-Text Expense General Ledger Dimensions
  • Browse Users
  • Cash Advances
  • Certify Reporting Statistics
  • Client Billable Report
  • Convera Payment Batches
  • Custom Per Diem Report
  • Custom Reports
  • Daily Meal Limit By Employee
  • Delegate User Actions
  • Delegate User Assignments
  • Expense Detail Review
  • Expense Policy Review
  • Expense Reason Analysis
  • Expense Report Accruals
  • Expense Report Approvals
  • Expenses by GL Dimension
  • Expenses With Receipts
  • GSA Per Diem Report
  • Hotel Nights By State/Province
  • InstantAudit Review
  • Invoice Accruals
  • Invoice Vendors
  • Meals Attendees
  • My Cash Advances
  • My Team's Expense Reports
  • NPI Expense Data
  • Processed Expense Reports
  • Receipts in Wallet
  • Taxes Paid
  • Top Hotel Vendors
  • Top Rental Vendors
  • Top Travel Carriers
  • Users Added Report
  • View Recent CC Emails
  • View Recent Emails

This option will particularly be useful when pulling down large sets of data that take time for the application to load. 

Update to the Creating & Managing Data Interchanges Page

We’ve added a ‘Key on Department Name’ option to the Creating & Managing Data Interchanges page. This option is useful when an administrator needs to create or edit a User Sync, and cannot or does not want to assign users to departments by name. 

Instead, toggling the below option will mean that users are assigned to departments based on department codes. Department names will no longer be a required field in provided User Sync files.


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