Release Notes: May 12, 2023

API: True Processed Date 

Starting with the API, Certify is now allowing administrators to pull down an expense report’s True Processed Date, as opposed to the Accountant-Selected Processed Date. The True Processed Date refers to the date/time a report was actually processed, independent of whether an accountant back- or forward-dated the processing. 

In addition, we’ve also increased the specificity of a number of endpoints to allow parameters and fields to accept and return datetime values, not just dates. This means that users of the API can now pull down a list of expenses, invoices, expense reports, or invoice reports between a specific time range, as opposed to simply a date range. Updated methods include:       

  • GET /expensereports
  • GET /expenses
  • GET /invoices
  • GET /invoicereports                                            

Three changes are being made to the above endpoints - these represent added functionality, and will not impact existing processes:

  1. The startdate and enddate parameters will now accept an optional time input to increase the specificity of data being pulled down. Providing a datetime value (ex. `2023-04-12 15:00:00`)  is now accepted. Providing a date value (ex. ‘2023-04-12’) is still supported.
  2. Users can now choose which ‘type’ of processed date they would like to filter reports by. They can do so using the new datetype parameter:
    • Passing a datetype input of 0, the default choice, will mean that the dates evaluated by ‘startdate’ and ‘enddate’ are the accountant-chosen processed data - no change from existing functionality. Note that accountants are able to back-date and future-date this processed date value. 
    • Passing a datetype input of 1 will mean that the dates evaluated are the ‘true processed date’ of the data. This represents the true date or date/time that the data was processed, and is unaffected by accountant back- or future-dating. Using this datetype can be useful in ensuring no duplicate data is pulled down by consecutive API calls.
  3. Users can now choose whether date fields in the API response return date or datetime values. They can use the newly added dateformat parameter to do so:
      • Passing a value of ‘date’ will result in a `yyyy-MM-dd` format
      • Passing a value of ‘datetime’ will result in a `yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss` format
      • If a startdate or enddate is used to pass in a time (that is not 00:00:00) and no dateformat has been specified, then dateformat will be automatically set to ‘datetime’ and datetype will be defaulted to ‘true processed date’. These defaults can be overridden if explicit parameters are passed in.

Reimbursable Total added to Manager’s Approval Queue

Similar to the Accountant’s approval queue, we’ve added a Reimbursable Total column to the Manager’s approval queue. This allows Managers to prioritize approvals based on reimbursable amounts and gives the Manager a quick glance at the outstanding out of pocket totals pending their approval.

New Email Notification: Updated Bank Information

We’ve added an email notification which is sent to any user when the bank account information on their profile is updated. This security enhancement keeps users informed of any account updates and minimizes the risk of potential fraudulent payments.

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