Configuring ACH using Payroll Experts

Welcome to Certify Payments! Now that you have signed up for domestic direct deposits using Payroll Experts, Certify will help you configure the feature in your company’s Certify account.

ACH Configuration

This article outlines the steps to add the Certify Payments feature to your Certify account.

1. Complete and sign the Certify Agreement paperwork.

Please Note: On the Certify Agreement paperwork, enter a street address (not a PO Box) in the Address field

2. Include a copy of a voided check or bank letter (with routing and account numbers clearly indicated).

3. Return the completed and signed Certify Agreement paperwork and voided check/bank letter to your Certify Implementation Coach.

4. Your Implementation Coach reviews the Certify Agreement paperwork to make sure it is accurate. If there is any missing information, they will request it.

5. When the review is complete, your Implementation Coach forwards the paperwork and relevant information to an Implementation Manager, who then forwards the paperwork to Payroll Experts.

6. When Payroll Experts receives and processes the paperwork, they send an email to the Implementation Manager indicating the Certify Payments feature configuration is complete.

7. When Certify receives the Payroll Experts configuration confirmation email, your internal company Certify Administrator is contacted to schedule a quick training on Certify’s ACH Reimbursement process. ACH Process training includes:

  • Treasurer Role in Certify – Your internal company Certify Administrator selects an internal company Treasurer role. All Certify users who need to access the Reimbursements box on the homepage must be assigned this role.
  • Direct Deposit Account Information – Each Certify user, regardless of role, need to add their individual direct deposit information to their Certify account. Alternatively, a user with an Accountant role in Certify can add each user’s direct deposit information. 

ACH Processing

Once the user with the Accountant role in Certify has processed an approved expense report, it is automatically noted in the Reimbursements box.

1. Click on the number of Reimbursements.

2. On the Reimbursement Requests page, click the checkbox for the expenses you would like to reimburse.


Please Note: If direct deposit information hasn’t yet been entered in an employee’s Certify account, a red exclamation displays next to their expense report and the checkbox is unavailable. You can ask the employee to enter the information, or you can keep Mark as Paid to reimburse the employee outside of Certify.

3. Click Submit to complete the reimbursement process.

4. The Certify user can keep an eye on their deposit account for verification of payment. Reimbursement is then sent to the employee, usually within 2-5 business days.

ACH Reimbursement History Report

A user with an Accountant role in Certify can pull the ACH Reimbursement History report at any time to see the ACH ID number, or if the Manually Pay option was selected.


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