How and When to Contact Your Certify Administrator

This article shows you how and when to locate your internal Certify Administrator.

How to Contact your Certify Administrator

Contact information for your internal Certify Administrator is located on the Certify Support page.

1. On your account homepage, click the question mark icon to be brought to the Support page.


2. On the right-hand side of the Support page, under Your Certify Administrator, the name and contact information for your internal Certify Administrator(s) is displayed.


When to Contact your System Administrator

Your Certify My Account page contains account information specific to you. While using Certify, there may be times when you need to update this information.

Example: You might switch departments, change your email address, or your approval workflow may be changed. This information is managed by your company’s Internal Certify Administrator.

Contact your internal Certify Administrator if you need to have any of the following changed:

  • Your Name as it appears in Certify
  • Your Email Address (which doubles as your username)
  • Your Department
  • Your Role within Certify
  • Your Approver or Accountant




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