Understanding a Convera Notice of Change

*This article is specific to customers using Convera (formerly called Western Union Business Solutions) as their ACH provider with Certify Payments.*

Occasionally, Convera attempts to deposit funds into a user’s account using incorrect or outdated information. Even though the information is incorrect, the financial institution may have enough information to confidently deposit the funds to the correct bank account.

If the financial institution can identify the user correctly and deposit the funds, the institution sends a Notice of Change to Convera.

A Notice of Change (NOC) informs the entity attempting to deposit funds of the following:

  • The information the ACH provider is using is incorrect.
  • Further attempts to deposit funds with incorrect information may be blocked or penalized.
  • The specific data point that is incorrect (routing number, account number, account type, etc.).
  • The correct or updated data point.

Please Note: NOCs also apply to customers paying their invoice vendors using Certify Invoice.

Convera then passes the NOC on to Certify. When received, the following occurs for the given user record:

  • Certify automatically updates the user’s account information, in accordance with the NOC details received from their financial institution.
  • The user receives an email, informing them of the NOC.
  • A notice appears on the user’s homepage with a link to view the change details.

If the NOC is specific to a company’s Invoice Vendor Record, the following occurs:

  • Certify automatically updates the vendor’s account information, in accordance with the NOC details received from their financial institution.
  • The company administrators receive an email informing them of the change.
  • A notice appears on the administrator's homepage with a link to view the change details.

If the notice on the homepage disappears, Administrators and users always have access to the change history by opening the Account Settings page and selecting Automated ACH Account Update History.


The Automated ACH Account Update History page lists each change made and requested by the user’s financial institution. The incorrect data point is struck through for each record, and the updated value appears above it. The potential changes to the record include account number, routing number, bank name, or account type.

For companies using Certify Invoice, Administrators will see a second tab listing changes made to Invoice Vendor records appears.

Click the eye icon to expose the sensitive data, should you wish to see additional details.

Please Note: Admins masquerading as end-users, delegates, or extended delegates are not able to click the eye icon to see the user's banking information. 

For added security, users wishing to view sensitive information must pass through multi-factor authentication.


Please Note: If the user logs in through an SSO, or has already authenticated with MFA, they will not need to authenticate again.

The user is asked to verify their identity with a security code, sent via email or text.


After authentication, the user receives a warning that they are about to display sensitive banking information on the screen. Please exercise caution if accessing this information from a public area.


Clicking Continue displays the unmasked routing and account information, giving the user a complete picture of the changes made to their account information.


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