Assigning the Treasurer Role

A Certify Administrator will need to assign the Treasurer permission necessary to manage ACH direct deposit reimbursements.  Treasurer permission can only be assigned to a user in the Accountant, Executive, or Manager role, but may be assigned to several users.  This article describes how to assign the Treasurer role to a user. 

1. From your Certify Home page, click the gear icon to access the Configuration page.


2. Search for the user in View and Edit Users.


3. Use the pencil icon to open the user's account record. 


4. Select the Treasurer check box to assign them the Treasurer permission. 

Please Note: This checkbox will only appear for those who are reimbursing through Certify ACH.


5. On the Home screen, the Treasurer will now have a box called Reimbursements. This box will be used to initiate ACH reimbursements to employees.


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