Entering Direct Deposit Account Information for Domestic ACH

If your organization is using Certify's ACH integration, you will need to add your direct deposit bank information on your My Account page. This article shows you how to enter your direct deposit information into your Certify account. 

Domestic ACH services U.S. bank accounts only. 

1. On your account homepage click your name, then click Account Settings.


2. On the My Account page under the Account Settings tab, next to Direct Deposit Account, select Add Account Information.


3. On the Direct Deposit Account Information page, you will need to complete all fields.


Once you have completed all of the fields provided, click Save. At the top of the page, you will receive a confirmation that your account information has been saved.

4. Select My Account to return to the Account Settings tab. Near the bottom right of the page, several x’s and the last four digits of both your routing number and your account number will be displayed.


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