Reimbursing through Domestic ACH

Certify users have the option to reimburse employees through Certify using our ACH service. A user with the Treasurer permission, assigned by your Certify Administrator, will have the ability to initiate ACH. This article shows you, a Certify Treasurer, how to initiate ACH payments.

1. Login to your Certify. The company-designated Treasurer(s) will have a Reimbursements box on their Home screen. Click Reimbursements.


2. Select the reports to initiate ACH reimbursement on. 

Please Note: Only reports from employees who have entered and saved their Direct Deposit information will allow selection. 

Please Note: If an employee has not saved their Direct Deposit information, you may select Mark as Paid to reimburse outside of Certify.


3. Click Reimburse Report. Dependent on your company's ACH contract, reimbursement will then be sent to the employee within 2-5 business days.

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