Multiple Settlement Accounts Overview

Certify Payments has the ability to reimburse employees in multiple currencies for companies with international employees.

Certify Payments requires at least one Base Settlement Account (BSA) to be established in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

To reimburse employees outside of the US, Canada, and the UK, companies can open Multiple Settlement Accounts (MSA). These accounts are based in the countries in which the international employees reside. The value of establishing an MSA is that it eliminates currency conversions and wire fee charges incurred when using a single BSAMSA's allow in-country placement of direct deposit reimbursements and vendor payments, for the country and currency the MSA is established in.

Please Note: Not all countries are eligible for MSA via Certify Payments. Eligibility will be verified prior to implementing.

Each MSA will fund a local Western Union currency account within the country the MSA is in. Funding of the Western Union account can be completed in one of two ways:

  • eDebit draw by Western Union
  • Client-initiated wire from the MSA to the relevant Western Union currency account


Additionally, customers using Certify Payments with Western Union can set a Default Settlement Account for each user and each invoice vendor.

Once a default is set, the user's expense reports will default to the appropriate account on the Reimbursements screen.



The same is true for clients using Invoice Classic as well as Payments via Western UnionAdministrators can now set a default settlement account on the invoice record.rn1023.png


On the Reimbursements screen, the Treasurer will have the option to override the default, if necessary.

View our Help Center article for further information on setting a Default Settlement Account for a User.

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