Release Notes: February 24, 2023

Cash Advance Enhancements

Certify Expense has removed the Cash Advance logic requiring customers to have at least one Cash Advance Request category active for users to deduct expenses from their Cash Advance balance.

Going forward, end users will be able to deduct expenses from their Cash Advance balance even when all Cash Advance Request categories are inactive.

Customers wishing to disable the Cash Advance functionality may still do so by contacting a Certify representative. 

Please Note: Disabling the Cash Advance functionality will also disable any current Cash Advance balances from user profiles. We recommend waiting until all Cash Advance balances have reduced to zero before disabling the feature.

API: GET /receipts/{id} Updates

When a single receipt is tied to more than one expense, the expenseIDs field will now return a | delimited list with each ID. The list will be in string format. 

Each receipt now appears only once, even if it is tied to multiple expenses.

If the receipt is not tied to any expenses, the expenseIDs field will return an empty string. 

For more information, please refer to the Certify API Documentation Page

Additional Options Added to Expenses By Category Report

We have made it easier for customers with large amounts of data to leverage the Expenses By Category Report

Rather than waiting for the entire report to load in the browser before pulling down a downloadable file, customers can use two new options added to the report’s parameters page: 

  • Download Only -- Toggling to ‘True’ will pull down the file without rendering the report on the browser page, meaning more data can be pulled down in less time
  • Summary Chart -- Toggling to ‘False’ will not load the pie chart that is typically loaded on the top of the report. Not loading the pie charts will also lead to a much faster loading experience.

Certify Expense is exploring adding this option to more reports and decreasing load time for customers using Reporting.


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