AP Release Notes: March 16, 2023

Invoice Capture Processing Time

For companies using the Invoice Capture feature, Certify AP is now able to immediately process and scan invoices. Once Certify AP receives the scanned data back from the scanning vendor, the file does not need to wait an hour to be processed.

New Data Field - Custom Export Builder

Certify AP has added a new data field in the Custom Export Builder. In the DetailHeader and DetailFooter sections, is a new field called Export Comments. This field contains the export comments entered by the Accounting Reviewer at the final stage of invoice approval.

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-7123 | TransactionHistoryReport: Missing approval status An issue was found where the approval status would not display rejected when the invoice is rejected by the invoice approver (not Accounting Reviewer) in the Transaction History Report. This has been resolved.
CAP-7176 | Update Approval Modal for new UBA setting An issue was found where the approval modal for new User-BasedApproval setting (ie. Apply Inv-PO match comparison) was displaying required approval when there isn’t any. This has been resolved.
CAP-7215 | Incorrect OCR Field mapping An issue was found where we were not correctly mapping the tax field from ocr response to our tax field. This has been resolved.
CAP-7179 | My submission shouldn’t show order option under overflow menu column An issue was found where the sort order option was visible in the overflow menu column in Home page My Submission dashboard.

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