Release Notes: March 31, 2023

Emburse Receipt Transcription - OCR Enhancements

We’ve begun the rollout of a major OCR upgrade which brings faster and more accurate results when scanning receipts for relevant data points. Emburse Receipt Transcription (ERT) is our bespoke Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service, used anytime a receipt is uploaded to Certify. Each receipt is scanned and parsed, looking for relevant data points such as the receipt’s transaction date, amount, vendor, location, currency, and more. Each accurate parse saves our users valuable time and reduces the effort needed to submit expenses.

Our newest version of Emburse Receipt Transcription is backed by Google Vision AI, Google’s premier optical character recognition service. Vision AI detects printed or handwritten text in photographs with unmatched accuracy, and is the new foundation of our Emburse Receipt Transcription service.

Initial testing shows significant accuracy improvement across all prominent data points compared to previous versions of Emburse Receipt Transcription:

  • 5% increase in receipt Date accuracy
  • 6% increase in receipt Amount accuracy
  • 3% increase in Merchant accuracy
  • 20% increase in merchant's Location accuracy

Please Note: The new version of ERT will continue to roll out across our customer base over the next several weeks. We expect to reach 100% rollout in May.


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