AP Release Notes: April 19, 2023

Invoice OCR - Enhancement

Certify AP has made few enhancements for the new InvoiceOCR feature. InvoiceOCR can now do the following:

  • Create empty invoice if header information is available.
  • Extract numerical value from non-numerical value for Quantity field.

Bug Fix Notes

Issue Description
CAP-7221 | Unable to submit with required GL An issue was found where if the user removed the GL in the requisition line item, user was was not able to submit a requisition even when the line item was allocated to GL with required GL preference. This has been resolved.
CAP-7372 | Edited PO removes CDim An issue was found where if the PO is edited, the custom dimension values are removed on the edited PO. This has been resolved.
CAP-7374 | Company Preferences: Labels are misplaced An issue was found where the company preferences page displayed labels in incorrect word wrap. This has been resolved. 

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