Bulk Updating Data Using Import Records

Emburse Certify’s Import Records tool allows Administrators to bulk import or update user information, including; User Allowances, Approval Limits, Delegates, Departments, GLDs, Expenses, and User data.

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to bulk update user records and expense information using the Import Records tool.

Certify recommends pasting the column headers for the below tools into your preferred spreadsheet software, and then copying that data over into the text boxes provided.

1. From your Certify homepage, navigate to the System Configuration screen by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. 

2. In the Certify Tools section, select Import Records.

3. Select the type of import from the drop-down menu.

Click Next to start importing the necessary records.

1. Allowances

Another way to access the Data Import Wizard- Allowances page is to select the View and Edit Allowances section of the Configuration page. From there, Administrators can click the Bulk Upload button on the top right of the screen. 

add allowance

Paste your data from your preferred spreadsheet software into the text box. All fields aside from Allowance Code are mandatory: 

data import wizard_allowances

  • User Email – Enter the User’s email.
  • Allowance Name-- Select a specific name for the allowance, which represents what the allowance is for.
  • Allowance Code-- Enter an (optional) internal code.
  • Start DateEnd Date– The date range determines which expenses apply to the allowance. If an expense’s date falls within the date range of the allowance, it counts towards that allowance.
  • Amount – Enter the amount a user can spend within the established time frame and expense categories.
  • Currency – Enter the type of Currency used for the allowance.
  • Inactive – Enter True/ False to make the allowance active.
  • Prevent Report Submission – Selecting this option prevents a user from submitting future expenses until an allowance expires, if a user exceeds their allowance.
  • Categories– Select one or multiple categories depending on business requirements. The categories selected determine if an expense applies to an allowance.
    • If you are creating an allowance with multiple categories, simply list the header Categories once, and then add categories in the proceeding columns. Do not need to list the column header Categories more than once.


Please Note: For more information about user allowances in Certify, refer to this Help Center Article. 

2. Approval Limits

To bulk update Approval Limits, paste the Approver’s Email Address, preferred Currency, and their new Approval Limit.

data import wizard_approval limits

Please Note: For more information about approval limits in Certify, refer to this Help Center Article. 

3. Delegates

Administrators can now update more than one user’s delegate at a time from the Data Import Wizard - Delegates page. 

data import wizard_delegates

Paste each delegate user’s email address (Authority Email), their delegate’s email address (Delegate Email), and what level of access should be granted to the delegate; Submitting expense reports, Approving reports, running Reports, and booking Travel.

The ‘Full Control’ option refers to granting access to all four tasks.

full control

Please Note: For more information about delegates in Certify, refer to this Help Center Article. 

4. Departments

Administrators can use the Data Import Wizard - Departments page to bulk update multiple department fields at once. 

data import wizard_departments

For more information, visit the Bulk Import Departments article in our help center. 

5. Dimensions

Administrators can bulk import or update departments, categories, or general ledger dimensions using the Data Import Wizard – Dimensions page.

data import wizard_dimensions

Select the dimension you would like to update using the Dimension Field drop-down menu.

select dimension

Please Note: Administrators also have the option to select a Dimension Key to determine the column that makes the upload value unique.

Paste the dimension values into the text box, remembering to include the column headers.


6. Dynamic Filtering

Administrators can bulk import or update dynamic Parent-Child relationships between specific fields using the Data Import Wizard – Dynamic Filters page.

Select the Parent-Child relationship you would like to update using the Filter Relationship drop-down menu.

Then select whether you wish the value of the Child and Parent fields to be a Name or Code, using the Child Key and Parent Key dropdown menus. 

Paste the Parent-Child filtering values into the text box, remembering to include or remove the appropriate column headers.

7. Expenses

Administrators can bulk import expenses to a user’s wallet or to an expense report using the Data Import Wizard - Expenses page. 

data import wizard_expenses

For more information, visit the Bulk Import Expenses article in our help center. 

8. Users

On the import page, you will see a list of fields that you can import to update your user records. At a minimum, you must include each user’s Email, First Name, Last Name, and Dept Name, and you can include any additional fields you would like to import.

User Import Fields.png

For more information visit the Bulk Update User Information article in our help center.

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