Expense Report Accruals

The Expense Report Accruals Report displays all outstanding, unprocessed expenses in Certify. Similar to Expense Reports Pending, this report has an extra feature helpful for companies with credit card integrations. It will allow linking between submitted expenses lines to matching credit card expenses that imported after the expense report was submitted for approval. 

You'll find this report in the Financial Oversight and Auditing section of Reporting

1. Scroll to the report in Reporting


2. Use the available search parameters to filter your results.

Searching by Status will filter expenses into four groups:

  • Wallet - The expense line is currently in the user's Wallet
  • Draft - The expense line is in an expense report currently in Draft status
  • Pending - The expense has been submitted for approval, but an approver has not yet approved the expense line
  • Completed - The expense has been submitted for approval and it has been actioned by an approver. Please note that "Complete" and "Processed" are not synonymous. An expense line may be "Complete" before the expense report has been processed.


3. Click Submit to generate the report.

This report will show:

  • Report Titles
  • Expense, Report Submission, and Posting Dates
  • P-Card
  • Departments, Vendors, and Locations
  • Employee Details
  • Expense Categories and GL Codes
  • Expense Status
  • Expense Amounts and Currencies
  • Credit Card Numbers - last four
  • Expense Reason
  • Manager (if the report has been submitted)



Within the P-Card column, a Link option will display if a credit card expense has imported into the employee's Wallet and is not yet linked to the matching expense line on a submitted expense report. This can help avoid seeing receipts and their matching credit card expenses on separate reports. 

We do have an option to remove the Link button from manually-created expenses, to avoid accidental linking to real credit card transactions. Please contact your Support to enable this feature. 


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