Expense Report Statistics

The Expense Report Statistics Report is another visual report used for a snapshot into current use. It will detail totals and current statistics numbers for how the organization is using Certify.

You'll find this report in the Financial Oversight and Auditing section of Reporting. 

1. Scroll to the report in Reporting.


2. Use the available search parameters, and click Submit.


Helpful report details include:

  • Expense Reports Submitted
  • Expense Reports Processed
  • Expense Reports with Inquiries
  • Expense Reports with Notes
  • Expense Reports with Maximum Amounts Exceeded
  • Expense Reports Missing Receipts
  • Expense Reports with Old Expenses
  • Expense Reports with Potential Duplicates


This report is also interactive. Selecting a number within the chart will open a new section underneath, detailing reports that fit that specific criteria:




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