Expense Reports Pending

The Expense Reports Pending report is helpful for Managers and Executives to find all unprocessed expenses and reports lingering in workflow. Regardless of if the employee has submitted or not, their approvers will always be able to find pending data.

You'll find this report in the Financial Oversight and Auditing section of Reporting

1. Scroll to the report in Reporting:


2. Use the available search parameters, and click Submit.


This report is split into four sections:

1. Summary of Pending Expenses

Totals of all pending expenses.


2. Imported Expenses

Imported, unprocessed expenses in detail. 


3. Draft Expense Reports

Unsubmitted reports still in each employees' Drafts folder.


4. Pending Expense Reports

Reports that have been submitted in workflow, but not yet processed, with the last activity and whose account it is currently in. 


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