InstantAudit Review Report

With the InstantAudit Review report, you can view a historical list of InstantAudit flags and their related expenses. The report provides a look into both in-progress and processed expenses and can be run for flagged, violation, and no violation.

This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to use the InstantAudit Review report to work with expenses caught by InstantAudit.

1. From your Certify homepage, click Reporting.


2. Scroll to the Financial Oversight and Auditing section and click InstantAudit Review.


3. Use the search fields to find specific information, or leave blank for all. Click Submit when complete.


4. The report opens. The report shows the alerts and the related expenses. This means if an expense had more than one alert, it will display twice.


5. Click View to open the details of the expense containing the Alert. If Inquiry Mode is on, the page shows the Inquiry automatically sent by InstantAudit, as well as responses by the Submitter. It also shows Policy Violations, and InstantAudit violations.


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